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Post-Event Report: 1999 Sundt Memorial Open

by Jen Cameron, Patrick Josephsen, Jean Rivera.

BLACK'S BEACH, City of San Diego, California
Rob Machado and Six-Time World Title Holder Kelly Slater were among the competitors !

Nearly 200 competed in all the divisions, which included Men's and Women's Open, Longboard Open, Corporate Teams, Junior High and High School, and Seniors (35+years).

Counted among the PRO/AM Men's Open and Corporate Team competitors were Peter King, Jeff Hurley, Rob Machado, and Kelly Slater (a rare 1999 comp for this semi-retired champ).

The ocean's water temperature was a chilly 13 C./59 F. degrees (!), but that's actually the warmest that it's been so far this year ! Despite this, one BRAVE and BALLSEY FEMALE contestant in the Women's Open wore only a BIKINI for her 15-minute heat. Even the veteran men all wore full wetsuits. (Maybe Kelly actually thought the water to be warm, compared with his Florida home break.

The Top-Ranked pro competing, was the King of all, at the Top for Six of the last Seven Years: World Title Holder Kelly Slater was knocked out of the Corporate comp in the Semi-Final Round. Rob Machado and his amateur teammate Blair Kroeger took that division in the end. All competitors in the semis and Finals of the Corporate had only small waves to work with, and the rounds were even extended to 20 minutes, to allow for more chances. The waves were small all day, but by this time they were shrinking to about 4-6 feet (all less than 2 meters). They were larger on the backside, so the Longboarders had a better go of it, by the time they came up on their final in the late Sunday afternoon sun.

The weather was generally windy and cold, but it was sunny all day during the competition on Sunday. All finals were held on Sunday afternoon, and by the time they were finished, the marine-layer clouds were rolling in. The awards ceremony was held 2 hours prior to sunset, and most of the winners were on hand to personally pick up the goods. The dude who won the Senior division (a board shaper by trade) won a RUSTY board as his prize, and the most famous Auusie present, "P.T." came in third place in that division.

While the cooking of food is not normally permitted on the beach, an exception was made for this benefit event, and the money from all the grub went to charity. 'Dogs and Burgers were the order of the day for the hungry hoards. T-shirts were made available, and proceeds from that also went to the anti-drug programs locally. Several tents were set up from the sponsors, and a few hundred spectators were present each of the two days, along with the photographers and videographers.

Here are some of our own exclusive photos....